C_C4C10_2015 - Success Story Shared by Brenda: Live Testimonial By Candidate

Brenda is from the USA. We truly welcome her success story on SAP C4C10 Application certification (C_C4C10_2015). She has shared her experience here.

You can also share your certification experience with other if you have cleared your SAP certification exam. Your minor effort will guide other candidates to understand the SAP certification exam pattern. 

About the certification center:

Type of exam: Online Proctor

Exam Environment:

(In her words) "I had good experience with question mark based online proctor exam while sitting at home. It was casual and comfortable while attempting the actual test."

How to Prepare for SAP HANA Certification to Achieve Better Score?

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It is just five years since SAP HANA was introduced and the certification has surely climbed the ladder of popularity and success. Candidates who have opted for HANA certification reportedly are glad that they did as it opened up the door of opportunities for them. Both beginners and professionals can go for HANA certification and notice the difference in their career. However, it is not easy to prepare for the certification and beginners might get confused at times. The internet is full of information about the certification, but one might not be able to understand from where to begin. Here is something that will help you prepare for SAP HANA certification:

How to Secure a SAP Certification Each Year for Better Career Path?

SAP Certification, SAP Dumps. SAP Certification Questions and Answers

By reading this article, surely you can set a goal to obtain 5 SAP certification in next three years. There are few guidelines to follow which you can reflect on your SAP career starting from today. You can achieve most out of your SAP certification and career by reading this article. Here are five golden rules to obtain a higher number of SAP certification for boosted career path.

Be motivated:

It is the fact that you required recovering the huge amount invested in training and development. Your keep motivation essentials to dive deeper than the shallow allure of earning money with SAP certification. At one point, the fulfillment recognized from the creation of wealth levels up, and money cannot buy happiness. With real intention, those that have touched at this level flow out their money. You have an example of Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and others. A permanent motive is to crack problems sincerely.

SAP HANA Certification C_HANAIMP_11 Success: Live Testimonial By Candidate


Simon is from Brussels. We actually welcome his feedback on SAP HANA certification C_HANAIMP_11. He has shared his experience here.

You can also share your certification experience with other if you have cleared your SAP certification exam. Your minor effort will guide other candidates to understand the SAP certification exam pattern. 

About the certification center:

Name of Center: Olympiadenlaan

Exam Center Environment:

(In his words) "SAP certification center was good and equipped with latest computer machine. All necessary information provided before I started my exam."

About Certification:

Name of Certification: C_HANAIMP_11 - SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP HANA (Edition 2016)

The format of Certification Exam:

(In his words) "I had already given C_HANAIMP142 earlier in the US, so I was well prepared with exam format and type of questions asked. I took help of to get updated with latest exam questions if they have to change the difficulty level or not."

Boost your career with SAP certification with cloud solutions

SAP Cloud certification, SAP certification in cloud, SAP career

What is SAP Cloud solutions?

SAP organize a cloud solution with agile software development tools that will hasten the step of application progress and operation. SAP way out and an open standards platform-as-a-service (PaaS) will allow you to:

  • Rapidly build and live new applications in the cloud or on premise

  • Practice the power of in-memory computing

  • Deliver a safe cloud platform for development

Operated by SAP, the platform is engineered for multilevel security and certified to encounter the newest industry cloud principles. SAP HANA Cloud Platform also leverages the real-time, in-memory SAP HANA database

SAP SuccessFactors EC Exam Success: Live Testimonial By Candidate

Kim J is from Dallas. We welcome her feedback on SAP SuccessFactors EC(Employee Central) certification C_THR81_1505. She has shared her experience here.

You can also share your certification experience with other if you have cleared your SAP certification exam. Your minor effort will guide other candidates to understand the SAP certification exam pattern. 

About the certification center:

Name of Center: VUE, OGT, DALLAS

Exam Center Environment:

(In her words) "Exam center is decent, and they provided me a separate cubical to attempt the test. I was disappointed with their initial impression as they did not communicate allowed things to keep with you during the exam. Leave it, as I have cleared the exams in 110 mins."

What is SAP SuccessFactors? Explore Its Vast Career Opportunities

SAP Career, SAP Jobs, SAP SuccessFactors, SuccessFactors Career, SuccessFactors Jobs

SuccessFactors is the market leader in cloud-based HCM software provider, which brings business effects through results that are beautiful, flexible and complete enough to jump wherever and go universally. With more than 21 million subscribers internationally, SAP SuccessFactors attempt to delight their clients by supplying excellent results, content and analytics, process knowledge, and greatest performs insights from across their broad and assorted client base

SuccessFactors Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions support the full HR lifecycle with solutions that are cloud-based, easy to implement, and adept of growing with your organization so you can start anywhere go everywhere!

Customers benefit from SuccessFactors

SuccessFactors works with an autonomous business function within SAP, the market leader in enterprise application software. From back office to boardroom, desktop to a mobile device and warehouse to storefront, the people, and organizations using SAP solutions can work composed more professionally and use business insight more efficiently to stay ahead of the opposition.

What is SAP Certifications? Explore Its Amazing FAQs

what is sap certification, sap career, sap certification FAQ

What is SAP Certification?

SAP software and related ecosystem are broadly defined to serve almost all industries in the world. Employing SAP for any organization is not inconsequential, requiring a level of skill that burdens significant training and developments into the workforce.

SAP has appointed Authorized training centers to deliver the extensive training programs followed by certification. SAP has remained mandatory training to appear certification for SAP newbies in some countries like India, UAE, etc.

SAP has defined training and certification to fulfill the requirement of skilled professionals against potential business. SAP certification structure has remained same over many years with its three tire certification level (Associate, Professionals, and Specialist).

Skills Required to Pass SAP functional Certification

SAP Certification, SAP Certification Success, SAP functional modules, SAP Sales and Distribution (SD), SAP Production Planning (PP), SAP Financial Accounting (FI), SAP Controlling (CO), SAP Quality Management (QM), SAP Materials Management (MM), SAP Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), SAP Lean Engineering and Warehouse Management (LE-WM), SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), SAP Human Capital Management (HCM)

SAP Certifications which are based on ERP solutions, typically SAP functional modules. Enterprise Resource Planning that lets an organization to succeed data bases for dissimilar procedures from a single combined system. ERP system was established originally to achieve inventory control, but over the years; various software was established for multiple classified processes in a company for better data organization and work process. 

Today, there are many top providers of ERP system and SAP is leaders in building business software towards organized effort and data processing in organizations. SAP is founded in 1972 and many SAP ERP processes units has appeared that are intended directing on numerous dissimilar processes including SAP ERP sales and marketing, sales and distribution, customer relationship management, financial management with controlling, business intelligence and more. Let’s get an overview of few of the SAP functional modules.

SAP EWM Exam Success: Live Testimonial By Candidate

Mojib A is from Dubai. We truly welcome his feedback on SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) certification (C_EWM_91). He has shared his experience here.

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