Understand the Role of SAP Consultant and Plan Your Career Successfully

There is always anxiety about a Career path in SAP Consulting, and it's more accurate for those who are moving Career to SAP. This blog is mainly for new entrants or aspirants who are looking for consulting role and answer many of their questions like.

SAP Consulatant Role

What is Consulting?

Consulting means providing an appropriate solution to the problem in right time. The problem could be either individual’s problem or business organizations’ problem. The word ‘appropriate solution’ is significant. There may be plenty of solutions to the single problem. Among them, deciding which one is very much suitable is cache point by considering various parameters like the expected result, time, money, expertise, effort, easy maintenance, etc.

We must know one thing that clients are coming for consultation only because they are not expert in that area and looking for an appropriate solution for their problems. Genuine consulting indeed makes your career best!

Now let us get into deep dive.

Move Towards the Highest Growing Technology - SAP HANA


SAP HANA is the highest booming technology; there is plenty of career opportunities in this field. Since it is one of the fastest-growing products in the history of SAP, it is considered by the industries as groundbreaking key for in-memory databases. HANA is faster data process software that developed by SAP, a commercial software company. Job profile on SAP HANA is rated as highly paid among IT industry as compared to other SAP modules.

SAP HANA titles that, it stimulates the following processes:

  • Application platform capabilities
  • Applications and analytics on a single
  • Data processing
  • In-memory platform and combining databases

SAP HANA and associated modules are designed to build a new ecosystem where HANA can manage other SAP modules. Hence it is exact time to enter into the SAP HANA career.

SAP FICO Certification - A Gateway for Successful Career in Finance Field

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The SAP is one of the global leaders in delivering Enterprise software applications towards better business modules in SAP were determined for various processes. With many modules in SAP being available to Businesses across multiple domains, SAP FICO or Finance and Controlling is one of widely used SAP module. SAP FICO consists of SAP FI and CO configurations, along with SAP FI and CO users.

SAP FICO Module always stays ahead in its demand when compared to finance solutions delivered by other platforms like BAAN, Oracle many more, as it’s easily compatible with other systems. Besides, it can integrate with other essential modules like SAP PP, SAP HR and so on.

Enhance Your Payscale with SAP SuccessFactors Certification

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SAP SuccessFactors focus on raising the productivity of an organization by arranging the workforce with the company’s strategy and organize the people work on the right kind of tasks. The platform can increase performance across the organization as the management can place the right people and develop them more.

SAP SuccessFactors is an SAP company situated in San Francisco, delivers cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions by applying the Software as a Service model. SAP SuccessFactors leverage business processes by following business strategy with performance. The HCM suite made by SAP SuccessFactors unifies social business, onboarding, and collaboration tools, recruiting software, applicant tracking application, Learning Management System (LMS), performance and talent management. Overall SAP SuccessFactors offers coherent business solutions that can effectively address some difficulties faced by organizations.

What is SuccessFactors?

The world’s leading HR and talent management software based in the Cloud is offering its customers’ features which are elegant and highly flexible, detailed, enabling one to improve the workforce while preparing them for the future.

Is SAP S/4HANA Finance Certification Worth The Investment?

SAP S/4HANA Finance certification is one of the most sought-after certification in the current business environment. However, we are in need to have a clear understanding of how the certification on the SAP S/4 HANA Finance meets into the career strategy. Certification in SAP is quite essential due to the contrast between the hands-on SAP skills and necessity of the certification. The benefit of SAP certification considers entire professionals regardless of determining whether you are a fresher or searching for an extra edge in the career market.

SAP S/4 HANA Finance

Why SAP S/4HANA Finance?

SAP S/4HANA Finance is a comprehensive set of financial management and accounting solutions, accounting and financial close, covering financial planning and analysis, collaborative finance operations treasury and financial risk management, enterprise risk and compliance management powered by the SAP HANA in-memory database.

SAP Training Cost in Different Countries

SAP Training Cost

When you decide to take SAP training, then the first question comes in your mind about SAP training cost. Isn’t it?

In this post, we discuss SAP training cost in different countries and for various SAP Modules.

SAP training is becoming an essential tool for learning both technical and functional modules of SAP Program. Most people prefer SAP training, at least some sap training course that cost some money instead learn to sap their self. Likewise Asian countries, SAP made it obligatory to take SAP training from authorized SAP training providers to get SAP certification. SAP Education offers thousands of training institutes for all kinds of SAP courses, and it is tough to choose right SAP training provider.

Start Successful Career as a SAP Consultant

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The SAP Company is globally known as the leading software company. It started by five members who emerged it to be the biggest software company in the world. What enabled it to reach that rank that it's in today is because it was being operated by smart and knowledgeable members of staff. SAP is a leader in the field of ERP Software solution.Systems Applications Products.

Value of SAP in Business

SAP is a software operating system that is being used by thousands of business companies today to enable them to reach their targets. Most of them business are looking for automated solutions which can equip them with intelligent and manageable business ideas. Which makes the business process error free with faster processing and fewer resources. Now, this can be achieved only by An ERP is a software solution which can automate the business process. SAP is a market leader in the world of ERP.

Top Highest Paid SAP Modules; You would like to earn

SAP becomes the most demanding after career option these days. Numbers go upward and down letting in new trends to play the game of the day. SAP as an industry is no different in this regard. SAP scene is constantly changing day by day. To help SAP aspirants understand which direction they should move here. According to, several IT research data about SAP Modules which are in demand that will shape up the rest of year ahead.

sap modules

Highest Paying SAP Modules


SAP HANA is a rapidly growing Module and is expected to create more lucrative career opportunities in the coming years. Any large scale organization prefers anyone who develops a skill set in SAP HANA module. This particular module helps in dealing with complex query processing and enables high transaction rates on the same platform.

To give a clear picture of how much a professional can expect after completing HANA module, has mentioned an average amount which around $131,057 per year. 

SAP PP (Production Planning) Certification : Overview and Career Opportunities

In the current scenario, there is enormous demand for SAP PP Certified professionals. As only 7 out of 10000 professionals are having expertise in SAP PP, there is a huge demand of entrants as well as experienced people in this field. SAP PP module certification can help candidates aspire for the lucrative job opportunities as senior consultants, SAP Production Planning Consultants, assistant managers and senior level managers. SAP PP received attractive pay packages for recent entrants with nil experience; this SAP module is indeed worthy of a look.

So, gear up to experience the powers of SAP PP and take your career to the next levels of success - today.

Career in SAP PP, SAP PP Certification, SAP PP Module Overview, SAP Production Planning Consultant

The Introduction of SAP production planning and navigation concepts.

SAP Education has designed SAP PP exam based on implementation and customizing areas which can cover entire scenario of SAP Production Planning and Manufacturing. Following are an introduction of SAP production planning and navigation concepts. 

Boost Your Career into SAP Fiori Consulting and Development

SAP Fiori seems to be one of the most interesting innovations related to user experience with SAP software. The vision of SAP on the future of SAP user experience is tightly connected with SAP Fiori, and therefore, it is really important for SAP functional and technical consultants to know what is SAP Fiori, how SAP Fiori works, and what impact will it have on SAP jobs market. 
SAP Fiori Consultant

Moreover, it may be really beneficial to learn about SAP Fiori for people who are new to the SAP field and want to join the community of SAP consultants. SAP Fiori Certification C_SAPXIMP_20 online practice exam

The SAP Fiori course is designed to provide aspirants with the vital opportunity of attaining an in-depth understanding and knowledge of SAP Fiori functionality, including a brief overview of the SAP Fiori authorization, architecture, installation and operation of SAP Fiori apps.

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