SAP CO Certification Practice Exam

Top 4 Reasons to Learn SAP FICO

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SAP is the largest software application provider for businesses the world over. When it comes to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and its implementation, there is no name more well-known than that of SAP. There are various ways in which SAP has been providing enhancements in Management across business and IT domains. SAP FICO aspirants have plenty to learn and many tasks to accomplish. This article explains about SAP FICO and its various sub-modules.

Which is the Best SAP Module for a Fresher?

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The SAP is an Enterprise Resource Planning solution (ERP) that allows a firm to control databases from a single unified system for different processes. SAP ERP systems offer 25 modules out of which these 6 (listed below) have the particular relevance and are chosen by most of the people especially freshers. Every module in SAP has its demand. SAP modules are divided into technical and functional modules

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