SAP Ariba Certification

How Easy it is to Become a Ariba Consultant?

Ariba was established in 1996, but in recent times the name is “SAP Ariba” and adapted the corporate logo and colors. It kept “Ariba” in the name to denote its allegiance to the original tradition. On the other hand, it added “SAP” to the name to reflect its intention to scale with SAP i.e., enter markets and verticals where it could not have done easily on its own. The unit will also benefit SAP by helping it grow its cloud presence, and by providing procurement proficiency when needed for SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects (procurement and invoicing are at the heart of every ERP software implementation).

How to become Ariba Consultant

Ariba is close to SAP SRM and P2P, however, it is a cloud-based user-friendly system that like eBay and Amazon supports both buyers and sellers for the full sale lifecycle, including compliance and other business concerns. Most of the Ariba consultants already come from a SAP SRM, P2P, and Logistics background and below you will find out why getting certified in SAP Ariba is a wonderful act.

1. Enrich Ariba Network

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