What is SAP Certifications? Explore Its Amazing FAQs

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What is SAP Certification?

SAP software and related ecosystem are broadly defined to serve almost all industries in the world. Employing SAP for any organization is not inconsequential, requiring a level of skill that burdens significant training and developments into the workforce.

SAP has appointed Authorized training centers to deliver the extensive training programs followed by certification. SAP has remained mandatory training to appear certification for SAP newbies in some countries like India, UAE, etc.

SAP has defined training and certification to fulfill the requirement of skilled professionals against potential business. SAP certification structure has remained same over many years with its three tire certification level (Associate, Professionals, and Specialist).

SAP Associate Certification

This certification shelters the essential understanding necessities for an SAP consultant, safeguarding the fruitful gaining of broad SAP resolution skills and knowledge. With associate-level certification, you can:

  • Gain an externally-recognized mark of excellence that clients seek

  • Distinguish yourself in a crowded marketplace

  • Perform your responsibilities with sureness and talent

An Associate Exam typically conducted with 80 Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, and Matching (pull-down) questions and answers. Candidates have a maximum of 3 hours to complete.

SAP Specialist Certification

This certification is in accumulation to an Associate certification and emphases on an exact role or addition element.

A Specialist certification exam contains 40 Multiple choices, Multiple response and Matching (pull-down) questions and answers and takes 90 minutes. An Associate certification exam is a required prerequisite for taking the Specialist exam.

SAP Professional Certification

This progressive certification needs to establish project involvement, business process acquaintance and a more detailed understanding of SAP solutions. With professional-level certification, you can:

  • Prove both your experience and your proficiency through a severe examination procedure

  • Endorse a more universally valid endorsement with advanced billable rates

  • Lead as well as execute tasks and engagements

A Professional certification examination involves of 80 Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Matching (pull-down) and scenario based questions and answers. Candidates have a maximum of 3 hours to complete.

No matter what level of certification you engage, SAP certification delivers value to individuals and organizations seeking the mark of excellence you need to be competitive in today's marketplace

Top Five FAQs on SAP Certification:

1. Does SAP certification guarantee good placement?

Ans: Practically NO.! SAP certification is not a compulsory qualification for success a career in SAP. In fact, a thousand of candidates are perusing their SAP career without certification. However, with practical involvement in any SAP projects can easily find jobs. Opposite to this, candidate with SAP certification with no SAP experience cannot find the job in SAP easily. 

2. How do I get my SAP certification?

Ans: You can choose SAP module based on your interest or work experience. You can always consult any nearer SAP authorized training center for the same. Apart from this, all SAP partner companies sponsor for training and certification to their employee.

3. Is SAP certification easy?

Ans: NO, it is not an easy exam to clear with. Sometimes you do not find difficult because of a syllabus, but you may find difficult because of necessary investment you make. This is why it is not recommended to go with any non-authorized Institute with cheaper training. It is always better to work with SAP authorized training center.

4. What is the value of SAP certification?

Ans: According to SAP “Certification. It’s much more than a piece of paper. It’s peace of mind – the kind you get when you know that the people working on your SAP® software landscape know exactly what they’re doing. Whether you want smooth operations from your internal IT group or low-risk, on-time, and within budget implementations from a certified SAP partner, certification from SAP helps ensure that you get the IT value you need to succeed.”

5. Why is SAP Certification so costly?

Ans: This is an actual tough question to response, in part because money is relative. If you have abundantly of money stored away, then you can never go wrong with an investment in SAP certification. However, few of us fit into that category. That means we need a clearer sympathetic of how SAP certification fits into our career plan. SAP certification is full of controversy because of the difference between the significance of hands-on SAP skills versus certification.

You can find more useful FAQs HERE; it may surely solve all queries related to SAP certification.

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