Why SAP Certified Professionals Get Highest Paying Job?

Being a market leader in the current market scenario, SAP rules the roost when it comes to enterprise application software. This is the main reason why SAP is the most popular and sought-after job choice amongst students and professionals alike. It has high earning potential. It is not the only reason, but yes, it is one of the prime reasons for the growing number of SAP aspirants in the current job market.

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The fact that the SAP product is so detailed and varied, it makes complexities which were previously unseen in other simpler product with minor functionalities. This means that average IT professionals are not enough to meet the SAP needs of most companies, giving rise to the demand for trained SAP professionals in the IT market.

The companies pay higher salaries for SAP Certified Professionals as investments towards higher ROIs they would receive in the future in the form of organic cost-cutting and highly enhanced performance.

Why SAP careers are so lucrative? Have a look at the below-mentioned points:

1. The shortage of skilled SAP professionals

SAP professionals are always short in supply from the prospect of an enterprise. This shift pushes up the demand or such trained SAP professionals throughout the market. Since is a highly advanced and complicated product, not just any IT professional will do to make sure the SAP implementation goes on without a hitch and delivers expected results for the enterprise. It is the niche SAP project experience that gets SAP consultants their premium price.

2. Bigger companies are implementing SAP

Complete SAP implementation is only possible with companies with very high budgets. Other companies use ERP such as JDE, Oracle Business, PeopleSoft, etc. There is a huge demand for SAP talent from Fortune 1000 companies, and so people working in it are offered fatter pay packages. 

3. Expertise required for critical SAP projects

While most companies are sparing with the salary restrictions for their employees, and desire to pay less, the risk of a failed implementation for an organization could prove more expensive than then set of hiked compensation packages they would offer for their employees. Since in traditional business ecosystem, the stakeholders and board of directors in a company will keep a close eye on project investment and related risks, and because the potential ROI is too critical to ignore, companies start off with much higher pay packages for SAP professionals right from the start.

4. Challenging Work

The whole technology space across the globe is the playing field for SAP consultants and professionals with the work of such an individual being very challenging and fairly rewarding. SAP being at the heart of the company as it always is, makes it challenging for the SAP enabled an individual to handle several project activities at the same time, most of which are mission crucial. Working for the fundamental business requirements of the business has its perks awareness of the enterprise at a holistic level, and knowing the internal workings of the enterprise as no one could. This will involve every function of the business ranging from Sales and Distribution to marketing and customer interactions. Inventory, finance, and a lot more are handled by the SAP professional in the current market. One has to remember that the monetary emoluments are not the only incentive for taking up SAP, but the vast proportional career growth that comes with it is very appealing to all professionals from the IT and non-IT domain alike.

The following research by leading technological research firms has shown that:

  • Salary trends for SAP individuals is a lot higher for high revenue companies, their partners and integrators than the organizations utilizing SAP or SAP clients.
  • Research has also indicated that the educational profile of a candidate plays a major role in getting SAP jobs or hikes post acquisition of the SAP job.

The average pay for SAP consultant is high compared to the run of the mill IT professional. There is a critical shortage of skills in the SAP domain globally which has a domino effect of first affecting SAP customers, partners and ultimately SAP AG itself.

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The SAP Roles Presently Most in Demand:

  • Senior Functional Consultants and Solution Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Data Analytics Consultants
  • Integration
  • Data Migration

The Most Valued Skill Areas For SAP Professionals:

SAP Consultants who are in demand are required to have excellent communication skills which can apply to customer engagement. Such consultants will be expected to comprehend, articulate and build focused enterprise solutions and market the benefits of the mentioned solutions. Such engagement in the enterprise will go above and beyond the simple execution of the technology solution at hand.

From a technical standpoint, SAP professionals will require adapting their skills to cloud, integration, digital and mobile world.

SAP has filled every level of the enterprise, improving conventional business processes by streamlining process flows. Considering the continuous evolution of SAP products, their adaptability with existing enterprise infrastructure, it has become a necessity for growing businesses to adopt SAP to stay competitive in a dynamic IT market. This, in turn, means SAP professionals will see exponential rises in their compensation packages which are growing and sustainable.

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