SAP EWM Exam Success: Live Testimonial By Candidate

Mojib A is from Dubai. We truly welcome his feedback on SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) certification (C_EWM_91). He has shared his experience here.

You can also share your certification experience with other if you have cleared your SAP certification exam. Your minor effort will guide other participants to understand the SAP certification exam pattern. 

About the certification center

Name of Center: Score LLC, UAE


Exam Center Environment:

(In his words) "The classroom is good, 8-9 seats. I was the only person at the certification, therefore, was 100% supervised (though there was only one supervisor). If anything required, had to raise the hand. Nothing allowed inside the exam hall even pen pencil."


About Certification

Name of Certification: C_EWM_91- SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Extended Warehouse Management 9.1


The format of Certification Exam:

(In his words) "Almost the same format as in this site. There was a review screen, where in one could view all the questions attempted, unanswered, skipped or flagged questions and go directly to the needed question."


His Experience During the Exam:

(In his words) "I could do all the questions in almost 90 mins although the time allowed is 180 mins. I was completely prepared with the help of this site, and I had scored 100% in 16 exams both mini and full. I was quite confident at the exam. There were three or 4 questions in which I had to struggle."


How Did He Prepare:

(In his words) "This site was extremely useful for preparing the exam and building up the confidence with SAP EWM online practice exams


I did take two more tests from some other sites, but all simply dump with wrong answers, they all have included true-false questions for practice, so it was just useless and don't buy from another fraud site.


I took 49 tests from this site starting at 33% and later achieved 100%. In 4 tests in the beginning I failed, In 24 tests I scored above 90% and in 16 tests scored 100%. For preparation, first I went through the SAP material, and then I started taking the test and horribly I scored just 33%. After taking each test went back to the SAP material or SAP Help or directly to the system as deemed fit. In the exam almost all the questions were known to me with the help of this site, may be 3-4 questions were not known."

His Result: He has passed SAP EWM C_EWM_91 certification with 88%
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