SAP CRM Certification - An Overview

What is SAP CRM Certification?

SAP CRM is the Market Leader in Customer Relationship Management Software. This course gives an overview of SAP CRM and its role in strengthening customer relationships. 

Get SAP CRM certified and improve career opportunities

CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management” and is a set of methodologies and tools that help to manage customer relationship in an organized way.In today's highly competitive business environment, the focus of top companies is increasing on its most valuable assets - customers. Thus, the companies require a suitable software solution to cater to its customers which are user-friendly, easily customizable, fully integrated and can be implemented flexibly. Customer Relationship Management is a business strategy for optimizing customer interactions. It helps in understanding your customers, their needs, and requirements.

Course Objectives:

The objective of the course is to build your SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functional career skills. The final project in your SAP CRM (Customer Relation Management) training involves working on real world project exercises designed by experienced SAP consultants and implementing an end-to-end scenario on the SAP Servers via remote VPN access.

Eligibility Criteria:

Anyone who wants to build a career as a SAP Functional Analyst or Power User in Customer Relationship Management.


The student is required to have the good understanding of CRM business processes relating to Marketing, Vendors, Customers, Sales, Services and Web Clients. Sales and Customer Marketing skills are preferred.

Features of SAP CRM:

  • It is a part of SAP Business Suite to manage the customer relationship.
  • It supports all customer-focused business areas such as marketing, sales, and service.
  • It is implemented for different customer interaction channels, such as Interaction Centre, the Internet, and Mobile clients (hand-held devices like laptop, mobile, etc.).

CRM Analytics, a component of SAP CRM, enables your organization to gather all relevant information about various key factors such as a customer and analyze this knowledge base to incorporate insights into operational processes and strategic decision-making.

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