SAP Cloud Platform Certification: Learn the Easiest way to Migrate

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The "SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Cloud Platform Integration" certification exam certifies that the individual owns the basic and core knowledge needed for the SAP Cloud Platform Integration profile. SAP Cloud Platform certification demonstrates that the applicant has a complete understanding and profound technical skills to be involved as a member of a project team in a leading role. SAP Cloud Platform certification certificate develops on the essential knowledge obtained through a related SAP Cloud Platform training. If you aspire to build a career in SAP Cloud Platform, you need to pass the SAP C_CPI_13 exam.

What is the SAP Cloud Platform?

The SAP Cloud Platform (previously known as HANA Cloud Platform) is a tool to enable businesses to create and operate SAP HANA apps in the cloud. In this Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering, businesses can create their own HANA applications and combine ongoing applications with other SAP or third-party surroundings — both in the cloud and on-premises. The HANA Cloud Platform evolved out of Project River to give creators scalable, on-demand HANA access in the cloud without a big genuine investment.

Advantages of Cloud Platform

  • Establish and configure SAP Smart Business service on SAP Cloud Platform

  • Develop runtime, modeler, and alert applications

  • Allow predictive analytics and find ways to embed artifacts in SAPUI5 applications for embedded analytics.

SAP Cloud Platform works as the agile platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for digital transformation, with complete application development services and competencies that allow businesses to gather, administer, explore and exploit information of all types, to expand and link to business systems, and to introduce new edge scenarios to enable the business to adapt and advance continuously. It facilitates clients to reach business agility, establish a truly unified and ideal enterprise, and stimulate digital transformation throughout the business – all without the necessity of managing or investing in on-premises infrastructure. If you want to relish all these benefits, you must think about earning SAP Cloud Platform certification by passing the SAP C_CPI_13 exam.

How to Earn SAP Cloud Platform Certification?

Becoming SAP Certified comprises basic requirements like entering an SAP hosting partnership, satisfying specific IT standards, and undergoing regular SAP audits.

To earn the SAP Cloud Platform Integration certification, you need to pass the SAP C_CPI_13 exam.

To pass the SAP Cloud Platform certification (C_CPI_13) exam successfully, you have to take up the best preparation methods. You may agree with that inefficient preparation leads to failure in most circumstances. Let's look at some productive preparation options and tips that will easily help you pass the SAP C_CPI_13 exam.

1. Craft Out a Study Plan

Having a study plan is very vital for your preparation. You need to understand what you need to study and how to carry out preparation smoothly. The first thing in creating a practical study plan is to go through the exam objectives. By knowing them, you can make a study schedule accordingly. If you are not familiar with the SAP C_CPI_13 syllabus topics, this suggests you have to make more effort. Find out how best to explore all the exam subjects and follow your plan. Irrespective of how busy professional you are, it is necessary to commit a few hours to your SAP exam preparation. By doing so, you can perceive how swiftly you will acquire mastery over the SAP C_CPI_13 exam topics.

To know the topic areas you are required to study before taking the SAP C_CPI_13 exam, Click Here.

2. Obtain the Relevant Materials

After creating a practical study plan, the next move is to get the study materials you require. The first study material you have to obtain is a relevant study guide. This will help you clearly perceive the exam objectives and the areas that you need to work on. You can find many study guides available online. You can also look for other free resources for your SAP C_CPI_13 exam preparation along with these study guides.

3. Official Training

You can also enroll in online training provided by SAP. This is the best way to prepare for the exam, as you will learn from certified experts. In this training, you will learn how to leverage SAP Cloud Platform for your desired use. SAP Cloud Platform training introduces you to the huge potential of SAP Cloud Platform and equips you with hands-on experience in using this open platform.

4. Exam Prep Video

Many platforms provide exam preparation videos for SAP certification exams. These videos are loaded with relevant exam details from the industry experts to explain the significant concepts.

5. Make Short Notes

You will definitely come across difficult terms during preparation, but the best way to make it simple it is to make short notes in your own words. After studying a topic, make a note in easy words about the main points of what you have learned. Apart from streamlining the topic, it also helps you know if you really understand the concepts you have studied. With your notes, you can easily revise a particular topic without inevitably reading the entire concept.

6. Take SAP Cloud Platform Certification Practice Tests

Practice tests are an essential part of your preparation. You should take as many practice tests as possible and ensure you receive a very high score before taking the actual exam. Mock tests are intended to help you assess your preparedness. You can easily figure out gaps in your knowledge of the topics and improve them in your study. This way of learning also helps you get familiar with the actual exam structure and strengthen confidence. When it comes to choosing resource platforms for practice tests, is the leading platform offering SAP certification practice tests. So, let's start practicing now!

7. Find Out Mistakes

By answering C_CPI_13 sample questions and reviewing your answers, you can spot your mistakes and work on improving them. Thereby you can be sure that you don't make the same mistakes again and again. But you need to be careful during this process and not only memorize the right answer but also examine the failed concept one more time to understand it thoroughly.


It's plain to see that SAP Cloud Platform has made excellent strides over the past years. While acquiring new information is certainly a smart move, but, keeping pace with the latest trends is not a walk in the park. Passing exam SAP C_CPI_13 is definitely leads you to SAP Cloud Platform certification. If you use the tips shared in this article, you will be well prepared to ace the exam.

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