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SAP ISR Sample Questions:

01. The article master record consists of multiple views of information. Organizational data may be mandatory or optional for the creation of a view. Which view can be created optionally for a Sales Organization and Distribution Channel?
Note: Please choose the correct answer.
a) Listing View
b) Logistics: DC View
c) POS View
d) Sales View
02. Which of the following functions does the purchasing list offer?
Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.
a) Selecting characteristic values for a purchasing list item.
b) Entering planned quantities for seasonal articles per assortment.
c) Planning the number of styles of seasonal articles per vendor.
d) Planning new articles that do not yet have an article master record.
e) Creating prepacks and displays.
03. As part of the implementation of SAP Retail in your company it has been decided that new article master records created require a unique sequential number to be assigned for the article number. Where would this control option be set?
Note: Please choose the correct answer.
a) Article Type
b) Site Master
c) Merchandise Category
d) Article Category
04. For which of the following key figures can you maintain plan data in a purchasing list in SAP Retail?
Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.
a) Stock transfer
b) Initial buy fix
c) Initial buy variable
d) Putaway
e) Allocation table
05. Business Planning and Simulation is used to map your planning scenarios. InfoCubes contain the actual and planned data required for the analysis.Which object corresponds with the planned and actual infoCubes?
Note: Please choose the correct answer.
a) Planning Area
b) Planning Method
c) Planning Level
d) Planning Package
06. Which one of the following price determination elements must be configured so that certain condition lines of a purchase order will appear on the print output?
Note: Please choose the correct answer.
a) Access sequence
b) Condition type
c) Calculation schema
d) Schema group
07. Supplementary logistics services (SLS) specify how an article is to be processed in the distribution center. Which document allows for the generation of the SLS sub items?
Note: Please choose the correct answer.
a) Collective Purchase Order
b) Group Purchase Order
c) Standard Purchase Order
d) Stock Transport Order
08. Which of the following are the effects of a goods issue posting for an outbound delivery in SAP Retail?  
Note:There are 3 correct answers to this question.
a) The stock quantities are updated in the article master.
b) The value change is updated in the stock accounts in Financial Accounting (FI).
c) The status of the outbound delivery is updated in the document flow.
d) The pick quantity in the transfer order is updated.
e) The stock type Blocked stock changes.
09. What type of Assortments can be shared by multiple sites?
Note: Please choose the correct answer.
a) General Assortment
b) Assortment Module
c) Local Assortment Type A
d) Local Assortment Type B
10. Which of the following needs to be considered when using the replenishment based inventory management procedure?
Note: Please choose the correct answer.
a) Only the unrestricted-use stock type is monitored.
b) Documents are created for all goods movements.
c) Different stock types are monitored.
d) Documents are created for goods receipts only.
Quick Tips:
  • SAP provides a note "There are 'N' correct answers to this question." in actual SAP ISR Certification Exam.
  • SAP does not ask "True or False" type questions in actual SAP C_ISR_60 Exam.
  • SAP provides an option to Increase (+) or Decrease (-) font size of exam screen for better readability in actual SAP IS Retail Certification Exam.


QUESTION: 01 Answer: a QUESTION: 02 Answer: a, b, d QUESTION: 03 Answer: a QUESTION: 04 Answer: b, c, d QUESTION: 05 Answer: a
QUESTION: 06 Answer: c QUESTION: 07 Answer: a QUESTION: 08 Answer: a, b, c QUESTION: 09 Answer: a QUESTION: 10 Answer: a

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