C_TSCM62_67 Sales and Distribution SAP SD, ERP 6.0 EhP7 | Learn More about the Preparation Process & Study Materials

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Get the details of the C_TSCM62_67 exam and avail the valuable study materials and practice tests, to pass the exam with ease.

Overview of the C_TSCM62_67 Certification:

C_TSCM62_67 or the SAP Certified Application Associate - Sales and Distribution, ERP 6.0 EhP7 certification exam proves that the candidate possesses the knowledge in Sales Order Management for the consultant profile. The C_TSCM62_67 certification also confirms that the candidate has a basic understanding of the consultant's profile and can implement his knowledge practically in projects.

What Topics Are Covered Under the C_TSCM62_67 Certification?

The C_TSCM62_67 exam covers the following topics-

  • Availability Check

  • Billing Process and Customizing

  • Basic Functions (customizing)

  • Cross-functional (customizing)

  • Organizational Structures

  • Sales Process

  • Pricing and condition technique

  • Master data

  • Shipping Process and Customizing

  • Sales Documents (customizing)

What Steps Should You Follow to Pass the C_TSCM62_67 Exam?

Step 1:

Where to Start the preparation? The preparation of any exam starts with the thought of receiving the certification. The SAP SD exam could be tough to crack, but the determination of passing the exam should be a candidate's first thought.

Step 2: 

The next step for the C_TSCM62_67 exam is to get registered. Pearson Vue conducts the C_TSCM62_67 exam. Once the aspirant has a particular date that assures that he is going to appear for the exam, choose the C_TSCM62_67 exam center wisely. Keep in mind your current location before selecting the center. 

Now you know the syllabus topics for the C_TSCM62_67 exam, and you have already selected your exam date for the C_TSCM62_67 exam. The next thing is to prepare a study plan to help you crack the exam. Though an associate-level exam, the C_TSCM62_67 exam would take a lot of effort. You can prepare for the exam in just two weeks, but it is suggested to take at least two months of time to get ready for the exam. 

Step 3:

Devote at least two hours daily for C_TSCM62_67 exam preparation. Many topics for the C_TSCM62_67 exam cover the same percentage in the exam. So focus and cover those topics.

Step 4:

Does the C_TSCM62_67 Practice exams Help? The answer is yes. How much you read, or how much you feel confident, assessment is a must. When you are confident with the syllabus topics, start taking practice exams. Time-based C_TSCM62_67 practice exams will make the candidate habituated with the actual exam structure. If he lacks in any syllabus area, the result section will guide him. The candidate can work hard on those topics and score more in the next practice exam.

What Is SAP SD?

SAP SD or Sales and Distribution (SD) is an important module of SAP ERP. The solution consists of business processes needed to sell, shipping, or billing of a product. The module is tightly blended with SAP MM & SAP PP. The key sub-modules of SAP SD are Customer and Vendor Master Data, Sales, Delivery, Billing, Pricing, and Credit Management.

What Are Some Beneficial Features of SAP SD?

Deal with Price and Taxation:

SAP SD helps to evaluate the price of goods and services under various conditions like rebate or discount, which is offered to a customer.

Manage the Credit Limits: 

The credit limits of the customers can be managed in productive ways. It can be checked in two different ways simple credit check and automatic credit check.

SAP SD Helps in Availability Check: 

Learn about the availability of a product in the warehouse of an organization.

Billing & Invoice Making Is Easier: 

SAP SD helps you to make bills or invoices.

Determine the Materials with C_TSCM62_67 Certification Knowledge: 

You get the chance to determine the details of materials on the basis of a certain condition.

Account Determination:

SAP SD helps to determine the details of customers on the basis of a given condition type.

What Are the Advantages of Using SAP SD Software?

  • Get defined process for sales and distribution.

  • SAP SD helps to categorize diverse sales and processes.

  • Track sales transactions.

  • Tracks sales data along with team performance.

  • Record pre-sale and post-sale processes.

  • Manage sales documents in a specific system.

Bottom Line:

The SAP SD module is considered one of the primary ERP modules designed by SAP. SAP SD or service and distribution deals in better management of organizations' sales and customer distribution data and methods. The solution works closely with other SAP modules towards effective process work. Other modules that SAP SD integrates include production planning (PP), financial accounting (FI), controlling (CO), and so on. All these collaborate and improve the work process in enterprises. Therefore, grab the associate-level C_TSCM62_67 certification and boost your career to a new height, where you get the scope to use SAP SD.

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