10 Myths About SAP Certification

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SAP Certification has helped many people to secure their career goals. Many consultants have gained a decent breakthrough in SAP arena or updated their prevailing skill set. SAP Certification is not the ultimate the thing in your career. There is something beyond this.

1) An SAP is a Certification Will Give the Definite Job

Many people are with the intention of passing SAP Certification will provide them with a particular job. SAP Certification has helped many individuals, particularly in the past, to accomplish their Career goals and cherished their dreams. That does not mean that SAP Certification Will Give a sure Guaranteed job for everybody who has passed. Having said this, people going for SAP Certification, it is suggested to have the domain knowledge in a selective functional area. In the beginning booming days of SAP, many people can get jobs based on SAP Certification, but those days are gone now. The number of certified consultants got improved day by day in the market, and the businesses are more Matured to look for Practical Experience rather than just a Certification. If the anybody thinks that just passing SAP certification will give a job for sure, then they may have to rethink.

2) SAP Certification Will Give You Definite & Good ROI

There is no standard yardstick that every SAP Certification will give you a high Return on Investment (ROI). SAP Certification might have helped many when they intend to jump into SAP Consulting Career or a job in the SAP market. Nowadays, the skills are getting verbose very quickly hence, each certification may not give you a good amount of ROI. There are many people invested vast amounts into SAP Certification by taking bank loans but miserably failed to get any returns out of it. Please don't be under the impression if you go to SAP Training for five weeks and clear the Certification; you may recoup the investment within a year or so. It may not happen in all the cases. You have to be prepared to see the other side of the coin.

3) To Get an SAP Job – Sap Certification Is a Must

Many people in the market are noncertified, earning the right amount of money than the Certified Consultants. Therefore, Certification is not a necessity to Get a job in the market. If there are two people shortlisted with similar skills and experience, probably, in such situations, the Certification will give you an edge. Otherwise, the customers are looking for people who can ultimately deliver the goods without certification. You will find the number of knowledgeable people in the Certified Community. You will also see many people who believe they are extraordinary in their area of SAP, but failed when it comes to clearing SAP Certification.

4) With SAP Certification – You Will Be Successful in an Interview

SAP Certification courses are structured systematically. Hence, it gives you excellent fundamental knowledge regarding the concepts. They would be accommodating to pass your SAP Certification if you go through the curricula in a precise manner. However, this will not give you any guarantee that you will be successful in an interview. A reason could be the interviews might have been conducted on different parameters to see your overall skills, but not just your Certification. Certification may keep you in a better position to explain the fundamental knowledge gained during Certification

5) With SAP Certification – You Will Deliver the Customer Requirement

SAP Certification is a Great starting point in your journey of the career. It would give you Good information about the functionality of the system. Mainly, if you are fresher in SAP area, it would take some years to understand complete end to end business processes. By the time, you might have completed a few projects. Probably, SAP Certification will give you awareness in a particular area. Whereas, SAP is a tightly integrated system between different modules, so you may not be able to visualize the total picture. With the number of projects under your belt over a period, you will gain such high-level knowledge. If your current role demands to go beyond your certification to deliver the commitments from other modules, you may feel the pain. But you need to take this chance to learn new things.

6) High Paying Jobs with SAP Certification

There is a misconception that as soon as you are certified by SAP, you will get high paying job instantly. There is the number of certified consultants failed to make an entry into SAP area. In my opinion, they are mainly not Successful because they have viewed SAP as a 25 days course. It only helped them to put that SAP Certification in their in CV in bold and italic. Except for very few lucky people, any number of certified consultants are struggled a lot to make an entrance into SAP consulting world, including me not an exception to this. If somebody thinks that SAP Certification will give you an instant high paying SAP job, probably, you are under the misconception.

7) SAP Certification Is an Ultimate Thing in Career

Many individuals think that doing SAP Certification is an ultimate thing in life. When you are on a learning spree, SAP Certification is just a negligible frame in your entire career. If you have sufficient financial resource and attitude, you would see yourself with a new SAP Certification every month. SAP Certification is just a multiple choice question test. If your basics are clear, there is no reason in not passing the SAP Certification. The SAP Certification you have done may become unnecessary in the next couple of years. Some people stop learning new things and assume themselves as if they are the masters in everything. But, as an expert, you should keep your learning habits on for your whole career.

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8) SAP Certification May Give You Jobs in Your Area

The first thing as an SAP Consultant you should visualize yourself as a travel freak. SAP Certification Wii not always give you the job in your nearby area. If you are in offshore location, probably, you may get the job in your preferred location, as every important offshore city is flooded with SAP consulting companies. No client will intend to pay you money unless you go to onsite and deliver the expectations. If you think SAP Certification will get you a good 9 to 5 job in your area, it may not be true always.

9) With SAP Certification You May Begin Contract Jobs

Contracting concept you often see in Western countries. This concept is getting close to Eastern/ Offshore countries too. Contracting jobs are productive at the same time they are strenuous when compared to permanent employment. By saying this, I am in no way demeaning the significance of the Permanent Jobs. Many individuals think that just by completing SAP Certification, they can land up in Contract jobs. But, things always will not work in that way. The expectations in Contract Jobs are much higher. Therefore, you need to check your caliber to handle the roles. No Certification will help in achieving the results within the deadly timelines.

10) Learn SAP Only for Certification and Job

Many individuals think that learn SAP for Certification and get a job. If you are considering to learn SAP just for Certification and job only, then I would suggest you may better skip learning SAP. Learn SAP with passion and this passion will accelerate your career. Everybody should keep the passion throughout their careers. It is easy in theory but very hard in practice. At a certain age in your career, it may not be possible to manage the same amount of passion in your career, due to economic, physical, and socio reasons. But, by that time, you would have become a master in your areas within SAP. Learn SAP with passion, and if you are only looking SAP for Certification and Job, probably, SAP is not the right path for you.
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