Worthy Website to improve your career

Guys really if you are serious about your certification and you can go with this site.
My Journey
1. Took the access on 14th Dec 2020
2. Practiced seriously from JAN 15TH 2021 till I cleared 99% score in MOCK TEST
3. Scheduled the exam in SAPTRAINGS on 28th Jan 2021, but due to Time zone issue could not join and then took the support from the tech team and again scheduled the same day once I fixed the local timings in India.
4. Cleared the exam with 78% and finally happy with it. (Same questions and same Multiple choices that we have on this site)
Suggestion: Better to clear the exam on this site at least 90% above then only attend the exam. Sometimes questions will be the same, but the multiple choices may differ and make you confuse.