Nice Practice Tests

After reading other testimonies, I started only practing on ERPPrep in last 20 days before the exam. I started from failed scores to 80 or 90% on the practice tests after about 30 practice tests. I thought the exam should be easy and hoping there are a lot of repeated questions from ERPPrep, but there are very few questions I have seen in ERPPrep and I only received 75% to pass. However, I probably will fail the exam if I had never practiced on ERPPrep. I learned several rare used concepts such as transaction variant, free goods, material listing etc from ERPPrep website and but didn't look into those concept in detail beyond what ERPPrep offered. So if I looked into more detail beyond the website, I may be doing better with the result. The exam is categoried by sections vs randomly genearted 80 questions and have review section which you don't experience from ERPPrep. Also the remaning time displayed as total minutes vs. hours and minutes. However, 3 hours is too much and 1.5 hours is sufficient to complet the exam. ERPPrep definitely is a great help for my test preparation and I will use it again when I prepare the Hana SD certification exam.