What is SAP HANA? - A Brief Introduction

What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA merges database, data processing, and application platform capabilities in-memory. The platform offers libraries for predictive, planning, text processing, spatial, and business analytics.

This new architecture allows converged OLTP and OLAP data processing within a single in-memory column-based data store with ACID compliance, while eliminating data redundancy and latency. By serving progressive capabilities, such as predictive text analytics, spatial processing, data virtualization, on the same architecture, it further streamlines application development and processing across big data sources and structures. This makes SAP HANA the most appropriate platform for building and deploying next-generation, real-time applications and analytics.

SAP HANA Capabilities:

Real-time Analytics

  • Operational Analytics

With transactional and analytical data stored together, SAP HANA provides on-the-fly analysis for all combinations of data. Make immediate decisions using real-time operational analytics whether the data comes from your SAP® applications, third-party solutions, or custom applications.

  • Big Data Warehousing

SAP HANA unleashes the potential of Big Data with its ability to handle large volumes and a variety of structured and unstructured data in real-time. Build a data warehouse integrated with Hadoop or easily migrate your existing SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (BW) to SAP HANA and make decisions within the window of opportunity.

  • Predictive, Spatial and Text Analytics

SAP HANA provides a powerful suite of predictive, spatial, and text analytics librairies that can run across multiple data sources. Visualize new opportunities and gain deep insights with unified analysis of all of data types.

Real-time Applications

  • Consumer Engagement

The consumerization of IT is transforming customer interaction to real-time personalized engaging experiences. Deliver innovative new applications with precision targeting and real-time consumer insights.

  • Sense and Respond

Managing business in connected world requires real-time adjustment to millions of live signals from the devices and machines. Enable preventive and efficient business practices by detecting, analyzing and adjusting to exploding machine data from Internet of Things.

  • Planning and Optimization

Rapidly changing business environment requires real-time planning and optimization. Enable real-time prescriptive analytics by reducing layers of processing and accelerating complex computations required for scheduling and simulations.

Real-time Platform

  • Database & Data Processing Services

SAP HANA is a fully ACID compliant, in-memory, columnar, massively parallel processing platform that provides common database for online transactional processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP), eliminating redundancy and latency. It also unifies end-to-end data processing with search, text, geospatial and predictive analytics on top of the in-memory columnar foundation, further extending the benefit of redundancy and latency elimination to all data processing workloads.

  • Application Platform Services

The application platform services contained within SAP HANA, simplifies the development of real-time applications with scalable web server, business rules and user interface library. You can renew existing applications with simple migration or build new smart applications using unified modeling and development environment.

  • Integration and Data Virtualization Services

Integration and data virtualization services provide high-volume data replication, event stream processing and smart data access from variety of sources. Enable real-time applications with high speed data provisioning for faster response and interactivity.

  • Mission-critical Deployment Services (Appliance, Cloud)

SAP HANA is deployable as managed services in the cloud or as an optimized on-premise appliance with tailored data center integration. Quickly and cost-effectively leverage the proven, superior performance of real-time business platform.

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