Start Successful Career as a SAP Consultant

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The SAP Company is globally known as the leading software company. It started by five members who emerged it to be the biggest software company in the world. What enabled it to reach that rank that it's in today is because it was being operated by smart and knowledgeable members of staff. SAP is a leader in the field of ERP Software solution.Systems Applications Products.

Value of SAP in Business

SAP is a software operating system that is being used by thousands of business companies today to enable them to reach their targets. Most of them business are looking for automated solutions which can equip them with intelligent and manageable business ideas. Which makes the business process error free with faster processing and fewer resources. Now, this can be achieved only by An ERP is a software solution which can automate the business process. SAP is a market leader in the world of ERP.

How to Become a SAP Consultant

One cannot become a SAP consultant overnight, for that one has first to get trained on various modules of SAP and start working on them. IT is also desirable to get trained on one module at a time, and not all of them together. The ideal path will be to get trained on one module, work on it and then move to the next module. These courses are such as HR, SD, HANA, MM, FICO, PM, and many others. Once you are in possession of one of these certificates, then you have a greater chance of becoming a SAP consultant. However, to become a consultant apart from vast knowledge experience is required since consultant is someone who will act as the solution provider. A consultant has to develop, design, plan and execute a typical project.

Qualities Required to become a SAP Consultant

There are some qualities that are required to become a successful SAP Consultant.

  • Good education, 
  • Business process knowledge, 
  • Good configuration skills, 
  • Communication, 
  • Team playing, 
  • Understanding the business needs, 
  • Quality documentation, 
  • Reading ability, 
  • Sharing knowledge.

Resources to become a SAP Consultant

Online practice exam: is providing the highest quality of training with latest teaching methodology. erpprep commit to providing online training to SAP aspirants to help get a good score in actual SAP exam.


If you are completely new to SAP, it is probably a good idea to first get one of SAP Books and grasp some basics. On the other hand, it also makes sense to browse SAP Books if you are already undergone SAP consultant. The level of SAP Books modifies, and everyone will find and learn something new from the books.

Sample Questions

Sample SAP Questions for a different module like sap MM, FICO, CRM are extremely useful during the preparation for SAP Certification. They can help you to practice before the real exam and to evaluate your knowledge. You should attempt to answer these questions.

Keys to get success as a SAP Consultant

To become a SAP consultant one is required to be professionally trained to enable them to understand the company better. Because the company mostly deal with software, it is highly advisable for you to back up your natural intelligence with adequate, relevant education. SAP consultants are in possession of great opportunities. This is because they get exposed to greater knowledge in the software field. Many SAP consultants end up becoming very successful in this career. The skills and experiences acquired enable them to become better in their field of expertise.

Another factor that a consultant is required to be in possession of is the awareness of what the company is all about. This includes the knowledge of all the company products and how it operates. This will enable you to have a smoother communication with clients. This is because for whichever client that will be handed to you for service you will be in possession of the correct information for them.

SAP consultants may have different backgrounds depending on what they are specialized in. Increased specialization in different SAP modules ensues after one is aware of his or her preferences. Due to this, it is highly advisable for a consultant to be well informed in their field specialty. This way they have better conversations with their clients.

Any consultant that is in possession of an impressive certificate holds a greater chance of being employed in companies. This is because they are in high demand resulting in businesses fighting for them. These results to great competition for those who want to get in. This is reasons why one should do their best to have a certificate that is going to be presentable enough. Without this then there is no way that you can be competitive.

SAP consultant is a great dream. Make it come true!

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