SAP HANA Career Options - Where Can You Be Fit?

SAP HANA is encountered as one of the fastest growing technologies in IT Software industry-wide constantly. It was released to production during July - 2011 and gained cash flow with $250m in the first year. In 2012, financial forecasters imagined more than $520m, and it is predictable to be over $1bn market next year. In software services languages, this is at least a $7bn market at the end of 2015.

It’s hardly astonishing, thus, that there is an enormous attention in training, learning and certification currently and there isn’t a decent leader to what makes a good SAP HANA consultant. Here is the list of HANA career stands where you can be fit in.

New category of consulting in SAP HANA

It is significant to note that there is not simply a kind of “SAP HANA Consultant,” whatsoever somebody attempts to tell you. SAP HANA, like any other technology, has some sub-zones. Our advice: first, know the altered classes and then decide – based on your knowledge and interest – which one of these you will be best at specifying in, and study that subject substance.

This article will assist you to recognize which group you fit in, and where to find the resources to become a professional.

Distinguished Engineer Program for SAP HANA

Whatsoever type of consultant you are considering to be, we endorse watching at the SAP HANA Distinguished Engineer Program. We are on the council so that we would say that – but the program will backing you in your knowledge, and then identify you for your successes, knowledge and community efforts. Read the FAQ for more details.

Now, get on and disclose the different groups of SAP HANA consultant directly.

SAP HANA Performance Consultant

The SAP HANA Performance Consultant takes the ideas established by the Business Consultant and creates clarifications, architectures and develop using SAP HANA Enterprise. Typically these include using the SAP HANA Modeller tool to create models.

SAP HANA in-memory Business Consultant

Business consultants recognize more than one industry verticals, and classically a sum of lines of business, with a specialty – for example Backend purchase, Supply Chain or retail sales. The SAP HANA in-memory Business Consultant also realizes how in-memory technologies can disrupt businesses and gets how to relate the knowledge concepts to business situations.

It is good to go that this recognizes a good number of what used to be called “functional consultants”. In some cases, like the Finance Line of Business, their talents may be applied cross-industry.

SAP HANA Operations Consultant

This is what in old-style languages used to be named as SAP Basis, but people always unloved that term and was glad that a new term could be invented! SAP HANA Operations Consultants know technical architecture, Linux, how to install SAP HANA or migrate systems, and also have some knowledge of SAP Basis.

SAP HANA BW Consultant

The SAP HANA BW Consultant is honestly similar to a systematic BI technical consultant, but there are some explicit skills on architecting, re-architecting and modeling BW solutions within SAP HANA that are important to understanding.

SAP HANA Application Developer

SAP HANA requires a change in the way in which you develop applications, so whatever type of apps you are looking to build – be it ABAP applications using the HANA database, or mobile applications using the HANA XS Application Services layer, you will need to understand your existing development platform, and in-memory computing concepts. The SAP HANA Application Developer combines these skills to produce high-performance apps.

SAP HANA Security Consultant

This is a very specific zone but one we can’t do without. Access control, Security design, and security models are dissimilar as of the way that SAP HANA is considered and you need an gratitude of business security apprehensions, access, compliance, and audit as well as SAP HANA to do this well.

SAP HANA Project Manager

Handling SAP HANA projects needs the normal PRINCE2 fashioned project management knowledge, but combined with some elements of agile methodologies, but more essentially pleasing into the story how SAP HANA changes project life-cycles.

Final Words

Optimistically you recognize from this article which of the groups fits you best. It is safe to say that, providing you have the talents, and background desire to be an amazing HANA Consultant, any of these could be a profitable career choice. All the Best!

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