SAP Cloud Platform Integration Certification: Overview and Benefits

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What is SAP Cloud Platform Integration Certification?

The SAP Certified Application Associate - SAP Cloud Platform Integration certification confirms that the applicant owns the fundamental and core expertise required of the SAP Cloud Platform Integration profile. This certification confirms that the applicant has an overall understanding and profound technical abilities to participate as a member of a project team in a mentoring role. Earning SAP Cloud Platform Integration (C_CP_I_12) certification will qualify you to combine your cloud and on-premise applications securely.

In the SAP CPI certification preparation (C_CP_I_12) you will learn to firmly access to the web that will be based on the SAML standard which is a particular sign. An administration console is in accordance with the administrator.

There is a theory called the risk-based authentication that through the administrator that is nothing but the administration theory. This also presents an approach to B2B and B2C abilities. There are self-registration and the invitation flow etc.

This will also integrate with social recognition. You can also set off the user management on the identity provider.

The cloud platform confirms the single sign platform for all the applications. The cloud platform is grouped with many SAP CPI certification, i.e., Cloud applications, for business planning.

The SAP Cloud Platform Integration is a service running on top of the SAP Cloud platform.

The service SAP apart from integration provides integration, platform as a service for the integration of SAP Cloud applications with any other system from SAP on SAP on-premise or in the cloud.

The SAP Platform Integration certification presents a deep set of capabilities in many areas; Such as performance, Security, reliability, and prepackaged integration content.

Topics Included in SAP Cloud Platform Integration (C_CP_I_12) Certification Exam Syllabus:

  • iFlow Objects (> 12%)

  • Operations and Monitoring (8% - 12%)

  • Infrastructure and Database Service in PaaS (8% - 12%)

  • Security (8% - 12%)

  • Basic building blocks (< 8%)

  • Product Overview (< 8%)

  • Introduction to SAP Cloud Platform Integration (< 8%)

  • SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) (< 8%)

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) (< 8%)

  • Application Development Services in PaaS (< 8%)

  • SAP Cloud Overview (< 8%)

Benefits of SAP Cloud Platform Integration (C_CP_I_12) Certification

1) Increase the Alignment of Strategies and Operations Skills

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Certification qualifies you to lead your employees to run your enterprise by the organization’s strategy and plans, acquiring the right information in real time to recognize concerns early to chase opportunities proactively and accomplish corporate objectives by aligning workforce and organizational objectives.

2) Better Productivity and Insight Expertise

Certified SAP Cloud Platform Integration professionals in your organization can strengthen self-service and analytics across the organization, enhance operational efficiency, and productivity within and beyond your organization.

3) Allows Costs Reduction through Increased Flexibility

SAP Cloud Platform Integration exam preparation make you qualified to implement enterprise services architecture to upgrade process standardization, performance, and flexibility. Extend transactions, information, and collaboration tasks to a broad business community.

4) Support Changing Industry Requirements

SAP cloud platform integration satisfies the requirements of constantly changing, constantly developing businesses. You will be qualified to take advantage of the SAP HANA platform’s latest open, Web-based technology to integrate your end-to-end methods seamlessly.

5) Financial Management and Corporate Governance Skills

You will obtain deep visibility into your organization with financial and management accounting functionality combined with business analytics to boost profitability, increase financial control, and achieve risks skills.

6) Enhance IT Spending Expertise

You will gain better IT spending expertise by integrating and optimizing business methods through linked data functions utilizing the SAP system to improve cash flow and decrease costly borrowing by expanding other SAP Business Suite applications incrementally, thus reducing high integration costs and the requirement to purchase third-party software.

7) Gain higher ROI faster

With SAP Cloud Platform Integration certification on your resume, you will be skilled to efficiently install the SAP’s system practicing rapid-implementation methods that cost less than half of what traditional approaches cost.

8) Better Decision-Making Skills

SAP Cloud Platform Integration certified professional would allow team members access to the enterprise information needed for their day to day activities, thus allowing them to have better judgment in making decisions for the good of the company. 


Most SAP clients are inclined towards leveraging their continuing live On-Premise setups with Cloud. Business requirements are best satisfied with hybrid solutions, leveraging existing investments with the integration of Cloud and On-Premise landscape. It then reduced to the integration aspect - how the security is retained, what would be the data transition time, system maintenance, and who will carry out it. SAP’s answer to these questions is to earn the most sought after SAP Cloud Platform Integration (C_CP_I_12) certification.

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