C_TSCM52_67: Explore Study Materials & Practice Exam Questions to Ace the Procurement with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7 Exam

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Acing the SAP MM or C_TSCM52_67 exam becomes easy if you have the proper study material like sample questions, and practice tests, within your reach. Explore more about the certification and materials in this blog. 

C_TSCM52_67, or the SAP Certified Application Associate - Procurement with SAP ERP 6.0 EhP7 certification exam, is all about checking your knowledge regarding SAP Procurement to satisfy the works for the consultant profile. 

What Else Is Proved through the C_TSCM52_67 Certification?

The C_TSCM52_67 certification also proves that the candidate is capable of using his knowledge practically in projects. The potential SAP Certified Application Associate should typically have a maximum of three year’s experience in the solution area to contribute to the planning and implementation phases of the project in a mentored role. 

Who Should Take the C_TSCM52_67 Certification Exam?

The C_TSCM52_67 exam is open to anyone who wants to learn more about SAP MM. Having project experience is good, but a competent candidate doesn't need to rely on project experience to pass the exam.

What Are the Syllabus Topics?

The C_TSCM52_67 exam covers the following topics-

  • Define Physical Inventory

  • Define Logistics Invoice Verification

  • Define Material Requirements Planning

  • Describe configuration using Organization Levels and Master Data

  • Describe configuration using Inventory Management

  • Define Purchasing Optimization

  • Define Inventory Management

  • Describe configuration using Procurement

  • Define Valuation and Account Determination

  • Define Organization Levels and the Master Data

  • Define Procurement Processes

Preparation Tips to Pass the C_TSCM52_67 Exam: 

Get Started with Registration:

Get the registration done without much delay once you decide to take the C_TSCM52_67 exam. Taking the registration means you know the exam date, and you can plan a study schedule to take the exam in a better manner. Registration involves your money, so it is expected that you will be more serious about your preparation than a random exam plan.

Visit the Official Page for Knowing the Exam Better:

Knowing the exam structure and exploring the essential resources is a must at the beginning of your preparation. You can get all the details from the official page and chalk out a study plan accordingly.

Learn the C_TSCM52_67 Syllabus Topics from the Core: 

Learning the C_TSCM52_67 syllabus topics from the core is essential, as the certification exam would create your base level knowledge, and having a strong base is vital to do well in future projects. The exam is of associate-level but put enough effort into learning the syllabus topics from the core. If your knowledge base is strong with the syllabus topics, it will increase your chances of attempting a maximum number of questions.

Utilize Your Study Hours Well:

You must be persistent about using your study hours wisely. Daily studying helps when you plan for hassle-free preparation. You can take the help of a study chart while you prepare for the C_TSCM52_67, SAP MM certification exam. This study chart should mention all your daily plans and topics till the exam day. When you preplan everything, covering the syllabus becomes easy. You need to follow the schedule till the exam day and devote at least two hours daily to learning the syllabus topics.

Improve Your Practical knowledge through C_TSCM52_67 Training:

Gaining confidence in the theoretical part of the exam is essential through rigorous studying. But you should be practically sound too, and the C_TSCM52_67 training helps you in this regard. Therefore, join the C_TSCM52_67 training and improve your knowledge with the experts.

Should You Rely on C_TSCM52_67 Practice Tests More than Dumps?

The answer is yes. The C_TSCM52_67 practice tests are the study material that gives you a real-time experience of the actual exam structure. You will learn about time management and will get valuable insights into your preparation level. Dumps are readily available but won't provide you the scope to have a real exam-like experience. Therefore, try to avoid dumps and rely more on practice tests. Try to learn from these practice test attempts, and increase your focus on the areas, that you are unable to attempt.

What Is SAP Material Management?

SAP Materials Management, MM is an essential module in the SAP ERP Central Component (ECC). The solution equips organizations with materials, inventory, and warehouse management possibilities. 

How Does SAP MM Help Organizations?

  • The main role of SAP MM is to ensure that all materials of an organization are maintained in the right amount at the right time in the right place. 

  • SAP MM ensures no shortage of supply gaps in an organization's supply chain. The solution helps warehouse managers, inventory managers, and other supply chain professionals do the purchasing of raw materials and goods in a timely and cost-effective manner.

  • SAP MM helps organizations improve their supply chain, inventory, and warehouse management by offering complete control over the workforce, machines, and materials. 

  • By implementing SAP MM, Organizations can streamline their production line, supply chain, and logistics to deliver materials to customers efficiently and cost-effectively, by implementing SAP MM. 

  • SAP MM easily integrates with other modules like Plant Maintenance (PM), Sales and Distribution (SD), Production Planning (PP), Human Capital Management (HCM), and Quality Management (QM).

Bottom Line:

SAP MM helps organizations in managing processes like material requirement planning, purchasing, and inventory management. The solution helps in overcoming all materials-related issues within an organization. Therefore, if you earn the C_TSCM52_67 certification, it benefits your career.

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