All You Need to Know About SAP HANA Certification

What is SAP HANA Certification?

SAP HANA is a proportional database management system developed to employ both data columns and in-system memory. The technology was produced by SAP SE, an international software manufacturer based in Germany. SAP HANA implies Systems, Applications, and Products High-performance Analytic Appliance; and assists businesses accomplish performance.

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As an essential part in the presently prospering data economy, SAP HANA as uniformly expanded in development. It means, therefore, that businesses and other organizations are progressively on the prospect for the best equipped SAP HANA professionals in the market, market the procurement of the skill a reasonable, yet obtainment expectation. You better welcome it. One way to get SAP HANA certified is by appearing for the many available SAP HANA certification exams.


SAP HANA is software configured to treat either SAP and non-SAP verified information received from relative databases and applications as well as other operations very speedy. It can produce use of three styles of imitating information depending upon the source of the information.

The data that is transferred and managed is kept in the memory straight. The application that uses Hana can, therefore, recover their information very quick. The SAP HANA certification is a test conducted by the SAP SE which is the leader in the business in the domain of enterprise application software.

SAP HANA gives a variety of certification based on various areas of specialization. These involve; HANA Modeling Certifications, HANA Admin Certifications, Advanced Business Application Programming for HANA certification, Fiori Certification, Business Warehouse on HANA certification, HANA Cloud Platform, etc.

SAP HANA Certification Exam

The significance of the SAP HANA technology to business organizations reveals in the numerous SAP HANA certification exams available. However, most of these exams include the SAP Certified Associates, including exams such as the C_TBW50H_75 certification for certified SAP Active Project Managers.

Unlike the other software certification, however, the validity of SAP HANA certifications are not everlasting. This is necessary for assuring the content and applications, so certifications persist valid to prevailing business environmental factors, and that the individuals earning stated certifications can certainly benefit the businesses which employ them. The same cannot be stated of several certifications in information technology.

To this end, such SAP HANA certification such as the C_AFARIA_02 – SAP Certified Application Associate and C_AR_P2P_13 – SAP Certified Application Associate – Ariba Procure-to-Pay (P2P) has been retired as long as the expiry of their particular grace periods.

List of SAP HANA Certifications:

SAP HANA Certification Details

The certification is designed to certify the distinctiveness and expertise gained by SAP HANA partners, users of the software, consumers, and professionals aspiring to work in an SAP context. The SAP certification is recognized worldwide. It is also the improved standard applied to assess individuals for different roles and responsibilities. The certification confirms that the certified individual has obtained sufficient skills through extensive study and hands-on experience in his or her distinct field of specialization.

SAP offers their certifications by the individual’s area of interest and the level of their proficiency about the area of interest. The certification also grounds on whether one is an SAP partner, a customer or an employer of the software. About their expertise, SAP offers either Associate or Professional certifications. Associate certification is the lowest level of the certification intended for applicants who have just been recently qualified as consultants.

Successful individuals for the associate certification can apply for the final certification which is extremely ranked. This is known as the professional certification. It comprises real work examples, conditions, and business methods.

SAP has a valid Certifications list that carries updated and relevant certifications. It also updates the list frequently as the new classroom-based and cloud certifications are announced. SAP also eliminates outdated exams for one or more than a year.

The validity of SAP HANA Certification

While the SAP HANA validations do not expire, the certification does. In this way, the SAP certification is achieved once in a person’s life, but need to give the exams as certification are updated from time to time.

The several SAP HANA exams offered, however, become outdated after one year or more. The SAP HANA certification holders are therefore inspired to give up-to-date exams. This may be a beneficial way to help them measure their advanced knowledge and make them more important in the IT field related to SAP HANA certification.

Advantages of the SAP HANA Certification

SAP HANA has many advantages that unexpectedly many people have not prepared to understand. The listed advantages will work certain to give one a reason to go for SAP HANA certification.

First of all, the pace at which the HANA database is overhauling the established databases in the market is just astounding. Taking it from a point that most businesses are risking to adapt the use of this new technique should give one a motive to acquire the certification. The SAP in-memory features are a true attraction.

Also, the pace at which it works has pulled many clients including SAP Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and several others. The database records a boost in execution by a factor 2 in Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and factor 10 to 100 for Online Analytical Processing (OLAP). It is, considering, a decisive factor to be a reason for the certification since speed is beneficial in many methods associated with a business such as; advance close of a phase, advanced forecasting, enhanced level of services, timely conductivity of sales and analysis of costs, etc.

SAP had long been credited in advising its clients. This should as well earn in an organization as an innovator. It is a body that is not resting but is out to produce strong solutions in technology.

Moreover, SAP has created a less complex system. The system combines the CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), SCM, and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and connects them to a new set of applications for buying, administration of workforce, transport, traveling and many other projects. It may also connect them to common on request applications such as office, sales support among others and retail shops.

Earlier utilized databases were helpful as well because they succeeded in standard performance. With SAP there are excellent improvements in that the structure of the system has been explained. It is also accompanied with the versatility to change and adjust the advantage of the enterprise applications. A large part of the code has been eliminated, and there is also a decline in the maintenance efforts required to be reached by the customer.


Competition in business is common, and organizations are continuously on the prospect for whatever resources they can find on their closest rivals. For a while, SAP HANA has been that edge.

However, with the data revolution in full decline and progress amongst the foremost businesses of the world, this advantage is now only possible through operational capability and the efficient application of SAP HANA methods. Having a certified SAP HANA professional is, therefore, a business fundamental for contentious growth.

To this end, therefore, the SAP HANA database functionality has been accepted well in the organizations. Applicants taking the certification are likely to be more in demand if not the only ones present.

So while the certifications last a lifetime, this is highly advantageous as the individual will not at any condition have to go through the difficulty of renewing their certification. Applicants taking this certification are assured to be qualified with appropriate skills.

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