Alec Shared His Experience on How He Passed C_HANATEC_15 Certification Exam

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Hello Every One,
I wanted to share with you all about the successful completion of my SAP HANA Technology C_HANATEC_15 – Associate Level held during March 2019 in Greece.
Before a few years, I was also part of that crowd. Today I am SAP HANA consultant. I think I should publish my story on erpprep. Which is the most suitable site for sap exam preparation because I think this story might be useful to several SAP aspirants who regularly visit this site with the hope of getting a head start.

About the Certification Center

  • Location: Athens, Greece
  • Name of the center: SAP Hellas (
  • About the center: The exam took place in a classroom for 30-40 people. Inside the classroom, there were 5 people only away one from another. There was one instructor who was there during the whole exam.

About the Certification

  • Code of the certification: C_HANATEC_15
  • Name of the certification: SAP Certified Technology Associate - SAP HANA 2.0 (SPS03)

Format of the certification:

The exam was about 80 questions in 180 mins. As I had studied hard, it took me about 2-2.30 hours to complete the SAP HANA certification. All questions in doubt were left for the second time, and I returned to them later. Overall, I passed the exam. The questions were multiple choice questions, and there were more than one possible answers. The questions specified the number of the correct answers. If you could not specify all the correct answers, you would not get any mark for the answer. The minimum requirement to clear the certification was 64%.

How I Prepared:

The preparation needs lot of time. To begin with the action plan the first thing I did is quitting from the job that I used to be employed, and the obvious reason was a time constraint. I don’t want to get diverted from my goal of clearing the SAP C_HANATEC_15 Exam; I kept my full attention on SAP Certification. Anyhow, I took the exam seriously and tried my hands on all the study materials on I put my sincere efforts into solving C_HANATEC_15 exam questions. I found the practice tests to be a little more hard to pass than the actual exam, which was a nice bonus. I have spent six months for the SAP HANA Technology, through an understanding of topics like Database Migration to SAP HANA, Backup & Recovery, Multitenant Database Containers is the only key to achieve your goal in the exam. The next step was to study, in detail, SAP C_HANATEC_15 books (HA200, HA201, HA240, HA250, HA215). helped me very well.
Since I did so well on the C_HANATEC_15 practice exam, I decided to schedule the real exam for the following week.

During the Certification:

I think that if you have studied hard and you have some hands-on experience with SAP, there should be no problem with passing SAP C_HANATEC_15 certification. Just dedicate some time to have a quick look at the questions and answer the ones you are sure about. All the other questions mark as to check later. Time should be enough if you follow this logic.

My Tips to Pass SAP C_HANATEC_15

Take Advantage of the Practice tests

Use these practice exams as points of comparison as you study and improve your skills. Read the answer information and review your selections. When a specific topic remains unclear, search for ancillary study material to help you with that. Note: Taking and retaking the practice tests until you memorize the answers and gain high scores is not the intended or recommended use of the practice exams.

Always, Start Your Preparation Efforts by Downloading and Reviewing the Exam Objectives.

All SAP materials (study guides, practice tests, Videos, course guides) are built around the targets. Review the objectives line-by-line until you are competent with each item. Study guides are excellent resources and cover most of the material Industry experts partner with book publishers to author the study guides.
Result: Alec Frangos passed the SAP HANATEC 15 exam with 92 percent.
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