SAP CO Certification Sample Questions and Answers Set - 3

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This Sample SAP CO Certification Practice Exam is designed for evaluation purpose only. If you are planning to write the SAP Management Accounting Certification Exam (C_TFIN22_67) and really want to test your SAP CO subject knowledge to identify your weak areas, we strongly recommend you to start your preparation with our Premium SAP CO Certification Practice Exam.

SAP CO Sample Questions:

01. You are missing the commitment values for internal orders. Where do you have to activate commitment management to get these values?
There are 2 correct answers to this question.
a) In the original order budget
b) In the controlling area
c) In CO version 0
d) In the order type
02. You want to save your previous standard cost center hierarchy from 2015 for reporting purposes and create a new one for 2016. Which name is used for the copied hierarchy?
Please choose the correct answer.
a) Original name plus system-defined suffix
b) Original name plus user-defined suffix
c) User-defined prefix plus original name
d) System-defined prefix plus original name
03. You want to perform results analysis on sales orders and need to use two different methods to reflect different accounting principles such as US-GAAP and IFRS. How do you achieve this?
Please choose the correct answer.
a) Use two results analysis keys in the sales order items
b) Use two requirement classes in the sales order items
c) Use two results analysis versions defined in Customizing
d) Use two separate sales order items
04. Which of the following is a typical process sequence for selling products from stock?
Please choose the correct answer.
a) Incoming order -> Goods receipt/transport -> Dunning and payment -> Billing
b) Purchase requisition -> Billing -> Transport/goods receipt -> Dunning and payment
c) Incoming order -> Transport/delivery -> Billing -> Dunning and payment
d) Purchase requisition -> Delivery/transport -> Dunning and payment -> Billing
05. The system does not allow you to create a primary cost element. What do you check first?
Please choose the correct answer.
a) Whether the P/L account exists
b) Whether the cost element category is valid
c) Whether the balance sheet account exists
d) Whether the G/L account currency is the same as the controlling area currency
06. What selection criteria can be used to copy actuals to a target planning version?
There are 3 correct answers to this question.
a) Cost centers
b) Cost elements
c) Fiscal year
d) Actual version
e) Period
07. You have posted the results of an assessment cycle run, but some of the assigned receivers were incorrect. How can you correct this?
Please choose the correct answer.
a) Correct the receiver entries and rerun the cycle with a different cycle run group to post only the corrected results to the first run
b) Cancel the allocation with the original settings before you correct the receiver entries and rerun the cycle
c) Post a manual cost allocation with the same assessment cost element
d) Correct the receiver entries and rerun the cycle. The original run will be canceled automatically
08. Where do you have to activate Commitments Management to enable postings of commitments on cost centers?
Please choose the correct answer.
a) In the cost element master record
b) In the standard hierarchy
c) In the controlling area
d) In the cost center master record
09. Which of the following terms apply to costing-based profitability analysis?
There are 2 correct answers to this question.
a) Contribution margin
b) Balance sheet statement
c) Segment reporting
d) Cost of sales accounting
10. What are typical use cases for product cost by period?
There are 2 correct answers to this question.
a) Very flexible production environment
b) Customer-specific production
c) Continuous production
d) High volume production
Quick Tips:
  • SAP provides a note "There are 'N' correct answers to this question." in actual SAP CO Certification Exam.
  • SAP does not ask "True or False" type questions in actual SAP C_TFIN22_67 Exam.
  • SAP provides an option to Increase (+) or Decrease (-) font size of exam screen for better readability in actual SAP Management Accounting Certification Exam.


Answer: b, d
Answer: b
Answer: c
Answer: c
Answer: a
Answer: a, c, e
Answer: d
Answer: c
Answer: a, d
Answer: c, d

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