Passed my exam with the help of ERPREP premium exams

I was very skeptical before taking these premium exam and even after I took it. I just found out they have like some sort of 100 to 130 questions and it will rotate all the time ,and the more you take the you will get to score higher.
So 4 attempts I started scoring 98 or 100 everytime like in 10 to 12 minutes so I was In dilemma how can i clear the main exam with these same questions because what I heard is SAP exam is quite tough to clear 
But believe me guys even if you don't have the material or even if you have doesn't matter because almost 90 percent question will come from ERPREP premium exams they are wonderful so make sure you will take it and attempt as much as you can because you might get the same questions in your exam but language will be changed in to main exam 
I cleared my exam with 70 percent I hope this helps
good luck