SAP ERP Certification

If you work in business operations, information systems, project management, or supply chain management, obtaining an ERP Certificate with SAP is a great way to extend your knowledge, stand out in a competitive job market, and make yourself a more valuable resource to the number of companies who use SAP software solutions. 

We are here to help you achieving your goal by using our certification practice exam platform. Our certification practice exams are divided in different categories based on SAP ERP modules,  please select the appropriate module to know more about it.

SAP ERP Certification Practice Exams


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  • I cannot be more happy today. I just received my result and have come to know that i got 88% in SAP Business Process Integration certification exam. It was very smooth and sailing journey to study for SAP and receive such good percentage, thanks to The site is a very helpful one. It made my preparation easy for C_TERP10_67. It is designed to give maximum practice to students like me who are very serious to achieve the goal. The mock tests on the site are very similar to the actual certification exam.

    Thank you so much,!!

    Apr 18 2018 - 21:08
  • Hello,
    This is Deepa *******. I had to share with you all the situation I was under before my exam. I got trained from Atos Pune. Instructer led training for SAP Sales and Distribution module. I was compltely fresher, had no product knowledge You all can imagine how much money we shelled out for the training. I came across this website and was little scepticle before enrolling and I worte to the team of SAP exam numerous times about queries I had about clearing this challenging exam. Everyday I use to practice (solve the papers) on their webiste for more then 10 times, and I always use to think am I doing the correct thing? am i following the right path? I was so tensed till the final day of my exam and when I entered the exam hall and after the completion of pre exam procdure I just prayed to GOD saying whatever I had studied  from this website should only come, and all glory to god more then 70% question were from this website. What more should I say.. I am so greateful to the team of ERPPREP.COM. They have made my life and I should say SAVED it as well. HUGE Round of applause to their team and all heads down. I really appreicate their hard work, talent gone inn & helping enhance the carrer of thousands of candidates like me. In near future whenever I plan to do any more certifications I will for sure without a shadow of doubt, will register again and I am sure I will not be let down. I scored 78% in just 2 weeks practice.
    Thanks Again! 

    Apr 16 2018 - 15:06
  • Dear All,
    Best website for clearing the SAP certificate exam. It helped almost in my paper regarding questions. All questions, answers are valid and help the indvidual in clearing the SAP exam. So, thank you very much for the help you are providing. Appreciate it very much.

    Apr 10 2018 - 09:08
  • annyeonghaseyo, jeoneun bughan-eseo wass-eoyo.
    moduwa gong-yu hal joh-eun sosig-ibnida. naneun SAP SCM APO siheom C_TSCM44_65leul tong-gwahaessseubnida! i web saiteuneun yeonseub siheom-eul wonhago gisul-eul siheomhaneun salamdeul-ege hullyunghan seontaeg-ibnida. moui teseuteuleulhaneun dong-an-i saiteuleul salpyeobon geoui modeun yusahan jilmun-i siheom-e issseubnida. dasi han beon gamsadeulibnida ... !!

    Apr 9 2018 - 06:55
  • I am delighted to see my result at end of my exam day before yesterday. I am glad to share my result 85% in SAP quality management certification exam C_TPLM40_65. One must have premium practice exams with this site to assure their result. Ultimate benefit to receive complete gain on what is going to be asked and what not. Also, you can identify the level of difficulties. Really cool experience...!!! :) 

    Apr 8 2018 - 05:33
  • No Words, Such a wonderful site to prepair certification Exam. I passed my exam Last wk, All question were very close to what ERPPREP.COM provided me during my practice.
    Thank you for providing us sucha wonderful platform to do practice and imporvement.
    Apr 6 2018 - 11:34
  • Hi,
    I think the FI questionnaire available (180 and 60 minutes) are the most complete I have seen and those can definitely be crucial for SAP studantes who wants to acchieve a reasonable score.
    Kind Regards,

    Apr 4 2018 - 17:55
  • I have seen many complex questions related to billing & invoicing, FI-CA post items, Customer Service and creating master data. This site made me solve any complex question asked in exam. I request to all SAP aspirants to go with practice questions with and make it 100% clear. I can not imagine my result without having mock test with this site.
    Make a serious decision and go with the flow, you can also score better like  me as I have achieved 90%.

    Apr 4 2018 - 10:37
  • Excellent source of materials for practice. I haven't got the time to re-read my notes the subsequent times due to my work commitments. But I kept trying the questions in; this reinforces my learning and understanding. The questions are very reliable and similar to actual SAP certification exam. I am extremely pleased with my results - 98% and would strongly recommend potential candidates to get hold of this material. Every dollar is worth it, no regrets! 

    Apr 3 2018 - 19:36
  • Pass - 94%, TFIN52 SAP certification. Only 4 question were new for me.

    Apr 3 2018 - 11:26