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Great exercise for the SAP CO certification exam

SAP Module: 
SAP ERP CO Certification

The Premium Exams were from my point of view a great buy.
By exercising 2 weeks  before my SAP CO certification with these mock exams I am glad to say that I passed my certification exam with 96%. And the best part is that I felt really prepared and confident going in, which is largelly the result of being able to train with the questions and the time-dependant set-up. Even if I knew the theory well, it is great being able to see the wording and the context of the questions.
Highly recommend the premium exams for the CO module.
Thank you!

SAP CO Certification Exam Syllabus

C_TFIN22_67 Syllabus, C_TFIN22_67 PDF Download, SAP CO PDF Download, SAP Management Accounting (CO) Certification, C_TFIN22_66 Syllabus, C_TFIN22_66 PDF DownloadYou can collect all the information about SAP CO Certification Exam (C_TFIN22_67 & C_TFIN22_66) from this page. The SAP FICO certification is mainly targeted to those candidates who are from SAP ERP & business consulting background and wants to build their career as a SAP CO consultant. The SAP FICO Certification Exam verifies that the candidate possesses fundamental knowledge and proven skills in the area of SAP Management Accounting (CO). This exam validates that the candidate has a good and overall understanding within this consultant profile, and can implement this knowledge practically in projects under guidance of an experienced consultant.

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