SAP SuccessFactors Compensation Certification Sample Question Set

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SAP SF Comp Sample Questions:

01. Which of the following options reflects a best practice for configuring compensation plan guidelines?
Please choose the correct answer.
a) Make sure the Enable Guideline Optimization checkbox is selected if your customer has less than 1,000 guidelines.
b) Always arrange guideline formulas in order by performance rating and comp ratio.
c) Allow planners to enter negative salary adjustment recommendations.
d) Add a formula without any criteria at the bottom of the guideline list to act as a default.
02.  Your customer needs a budget that calculates a percentage of imported values for each employee on the compensation worksheet.
Which Based On option can you use to fulfill this requirement?
Please choose the correct answer.
a) Import
b) Group
c) Template
d) User
03. Which of the following can a user do to export all of the compensation data from SuccessFactors to another system?
Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.
a) Select the Aggregate Export option from Compensation Home.
b) Select the Enable Roll-up Reports option in Advanced Settings.
c) Create a Compensation Planning ad hoc report.
d) Export the user data file (UDF) to send as a report.
04. Your customer has different compensation plan templates for stock and compensation. This customer therefore wants to use one combined compensation statement.
What can you use to achieve this?
Please choose the correct answer.
a) The Secondary Plan option
b) Role-based permissions
c) The interoperability option
d) The Assign Statement Groups option
05.  You want to display the percentage of employees in each pay grade who are eligible to receive a stock grant. Which of the following activities must you perform to do this?
Please choose the correct answer.
a) Upload a stock participation guideline table CSV file in the Admin Tools.
b) Create an eligibility engine rule in the Admin Tools which defines stock eligibility by pay grade.
c) Create a custom stock field with a formula that calculates stock grant percentages per pay grade.
d) Import the value TRUE in the STOCK_UNITS_ELIGIBLE column of the user data file (UDF) for users with eligible pay grades.
06.  Which actions can you control using role-based permissions?
Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.
a) Change eligibility rules in a compensation plan template.
b) Read and write compensation data via executive review.
c) View the compensation profile.
d) View budget rollup information.
e) Exceed a merit guideline in a compensation worksheet.
07. You want to export user compensation data from your customer's SuccessFactors system. Which option in the Employee Data Export tool prevents any user compensation data from being downloaded?
Please choose the correct answer.
a) Include imported field-level eligibility fields with system default import keys
b) Short format: only system fields
c) Export as a batch process
d) Valid users only
08. You have created a route map and have entered information for all options in each step. You have also configured To Dos for the Home Page.
Which field appears in the planner's To Do List on the Home Page when the worksheet is in their inbox?
Please choose the correct answer.
a) Step Description
b) Step Introduction & Mouseover Text
c) Step ID
d) Step Name
09. You have defined the eligibility rules as shown in the attached screenshot. Budgeting is done as a percent of the current salary. What can you see on the compensation form for an employee in Salary Plan PRM?
C_THR86_1605 dumps, C_THR86_1605 questions
Please choose the correct answer.
a) The employee does NOT appear on the form but their salary is included in the total budget basis.
b) The employee appears on the form and is included in the total budget basis but CANNOT receive an award amount in merit, adjustment or lump sum.
c) The employee appears on the form, is NOT included in the total budget basis and CANNOT receive an award amount in merit, adjustment or lump sum.
d) The employee does NOT appear on the form and their salary is NOT included in the total budget basis.
10. Your client notices that data on compensation worksheets is incorrect. The attached screenshot shows the user data file (UDF) that was uploaded. Which columns cause this problem?

C_THR86_1605 dumps, C_THR86_1605 pdf
Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.
Quick Tips:
  • SAP provides a note "There are 'N' correct answers to this question." in actual SAP SF Compensation Certification Exam.
  • SAP does not ask "True or False" type questions in actual SAP C_THR86_1902 Exam.
  • SAP provides an option to Increase (+) or Decrease (-) font size of exam screen for better readability in actual SAP SuccessFactors Compensation Certification Exam.


QUESTION: 01 Answer: d QUESTION: 02 Answer: d QUESTION: 03 Answer: a, c QUESTION: 04 Answer: a QUESTION: 05 Answer: a
QUESTION: 06 Answer: a, b, d QUESTION: 07 Answer: b QUESTION: 08 Answer: d QUESTION: 09 Answer: b QUESTION: 10 Answer: a, b, e

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